Winner of the Social Impact Award – #NatureNow

Winner of the Social Impact Award – #NatureNow

#NatureNow is a passionate call to action to protect our environment.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit and people were forced inside, we sat back and watched as nature began to bounce back with our skies becoming clearer and wildlife venturing out into urban cities.

Slowly, the world began to realise that once we slowed down, nature and its natural processes began to accelerate.

The winner of the SCINEMA 2020 Social Impact Award, #NatureNow, throws even more weight to that argument.

The short film, directed by Tom Mustill, is a passionate call to action by environmental activist Greta Thunberg and author and activist George Monbiot to heal our broken climate with natural climate solutions. Both Thunberg and Monbiot make the point that while we need nature the most [to restore the system], we are currently destroying it at unprecedented rates – placing urgency to take action now.

The film, which was made with no flights, recycled footage and zero net carbon, has a simple, yet powerful message: protect, restore and fund.

“Where nature is doing something vital, we must protect it,” says Monbiot in the film. “We need to stop funding things that destroy nature and pay for things that help it.”

“It is that simple,” Thunberg agrees.

In the words of SCINEMA 2020 judge Casey Harrigan the film is a “compelling focus on three things viewers can do”.

“#NatureNow has a great choice of talent and balance between two different styles of environmental advocate to appeal to the audience.”

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