UK film director attends special community screening in regional NSW

UK film director attends special community screening in regional NSW

Each year an award-winning filmmaker is invited to a regional Australian town for a special community screening and Q&A event.

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This year’s special guest is Juliette Martineau, director of Smart Slime? She’s coming all the way from the UK specially for a community screening and filmmaker Q&A in Dungog, regional NSW.

We caught up with Juliette to chat about the best bits of being a science filmmaker and why she’s so excited about this event!

  1. What’s the coolest thing about slime?

There are so many strange things about slime mould it’s hard to pick! But obviously the fact that they can learn while being a single cell without a brain or any kind of nervous system really blows my mind. It makes me wonder if some of our cells could do that on some level…

smart slime_SCINEMA_science films

Investigating slime is a passion of Juliette’s Credit: Juliette Martineau


  1. Tell us about your favourite experience whilst creating Smart Slime?

It’s hard to choose, but the sound designer created a sound for the mould from scratch and the composer really nailed the weirdness of the mould, so hearing the sound and music come together for the first time and bring the film alive was such a great moment!

  1. Any tips for aspiring filmmakers?

Making the film took a lot of time and commitment, so I would say pick a subject you’re really passionate and excited about, and research it as much as you can beforehand!

  1. We hear you’ve already visited Australia! Anything you’re particularly looking forward to this time round?

I lived in Australia a few years ago on exchange for my undergraduate, so I’m thrilled to be coming back. For someone with a background in biology, obviously Australia is a very special place because the wildlife has evolved in isolation, so it’s very different from what I grew up with. I’m very much looking forward to spotting some of it, especially the birds!

  1. SCINEMA screenings are just around the corner and we’re super excited! What are you most looking forward to about your Q&A session in Dungog?

There is so much to learn about slime mould and a lot that didn’t make it into the film as it’s only 10 minutes long! Slime mould is so weird, so I’m very excited to see people’s reaction to the film and hear some of their questions about it. I’m also very much looking forward to seeing the other films in the program as I haven’t had a chance to yet.

Catch Smart Slime? during the SCINEMA International Science Film Festival community screenings!

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You can read more about Juliette’s film in this article, Is slime intelligent?

This filmmaker opportunity is made possible through a National Science Week 2019 national grant awarded to The Royal Institution of Australia.

Cover image credit: Juliette Martineau