Top 5 things to do during National Science Week

Top 5 things to do during National Science Week

As National Science Week (10-18 August) is just around the corner we’ve compiled the top five ways for you to get involved!

1. Get inspired and visit a museum or science discovery centre

Ever wondered how aeroplanes stay in the sky, or how skyscrapers stay up right? Why bread rises or why your laptop gets so hot when you watch too much Netflix? It’s all science baby!

You can discover more about the science that powers our lives by visiting a science centre, museum, zoo or aquarium, botanic gardens, space centres, national parks, industry and mine visits and eco tours. Visit National Science Week to figure out what’s available near you.

2. Host a SCINEMA screening

Watch the best of SCINEMA from the comfort of your lounge room, school or workplace as part of SCINEMA Community Screening Program during the month of August.

With a choice of 23 awe-inspiring science shorts, feature and documentary films – your inner science nerd will be spoilt for choice.

Register now, it’s free!

If organising just ain’t your thing, we get it! There’s heaps of places around the country hosting screenings – find one near you.

(P.S. We’re also hosting SCINEMA @ The Science Exchange in Adelaide on Sat 24 August. Get tickets FREE now.)

3. Attend an official Science Week event

There are so many public events to attend every year during National Science Week in cities and towns right across the country. From festivals, to talks and demonstrations – immerse yourself in the wonderful world of science and find events near you.

4. Run your own science quiz night (Brain Break)

Get your friends and family together to see just how much you know about science!

Brain Break is a free quiz and activity kit is designed to be used in work places and schools by people who haven’t run a science event before.

If you prefer to learn science over a pint or two, you can request a copy of 100 pub trivia questions…and some games! Email Science Week for your exclusive copy.

5. Engage in online activities or participate in a science competition

Get your creative thinking caps on, as during National Science week, organisations from around Australia are hosting competitions and online activities to help inspire and encourage people to think about all thing’s sciencey. Find your next science medal in this list of competitions.