That’s a wrap for SCINEMA 2019!

That’s a wrap for SCINEMA 2019!

Here are some highlights from SCINEMA’s community screening month. 

community screenings_SCINEMA film festival_SCINEMA 2019

The Community Screenings Program has drawn to an end for 2019! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

We had an overwhelming response from people all over the country hosting their own screenings for their communities, friends and family. With over 600 registrations, we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.

Here are some of our favourite comments from what people loved this year:

community screenings_SCINEMA film festival_SCINEMA 2019

Clancy Catholic College SCINEMA screening.

“How simple the explanations were given, so that primary students could understand the concepts. It was scaffolded so well, the language used was simple but effective and it engaged most of our students, leaving an imprint of some of the concepts covered…”

“It’s no fuss. Absolutely the easiest event I run all year. All we do is get some pizza for those attending and advertise a few weeks before hand, it’s fool proof!”

“Love the way it gets people together and starts conversations.”

SCINEMA community screenings was celebrated in many ways this year. From museums to schools and libraries, a lot of places got involved!

One of the many communities that hosted a screening, was Clancy Catholic School, where they watched all the entries that won this year’s festival.

We couldn’t leave all the fun to you! We also hosted our own SCINEMA screening in Adelaide at The Science Exchange.

Over 200 people attended four sessions of a selection of films. We also had Dr Charlie Huveneers from Flinders University who was a part of the diving team featured in 700 Sharks.

While community screenings might have come to an end, there is a selection of films is now available on Australia’s Science Channel.

Film submissions for SCINEMA 2020 will open in October 2019.

community screenings_SCINEMA film festival_SCINEMA 2019

Charlie Huveneers at The Science Exchange, Adelaide.