Our Top 5 picks of Science Books to Films

Our Top 5 picks of Science Books to Films

Stuck for science books and films? We’ve got you covered!

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It’s the last day of Book Week across schools nation wide, and while we might not be able to dress up as our favourite book characters, we can still celebrate our favourite science books through film.

Here are our top five science books that have made it to the big screen!

  1. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton scinema_movies_science films

This classic science fiction novel needs no introduction, and neither does the film. The book was published in 1990, with the film being adapted by Steven Spielberg three years later.

While the story is nearing 30 years old, it raises issues about genetic engineering that are still very relevant today. It also delicately dances on the line of science being both hazardous and life-changing.

Plus, dinosaurs… must we say any more?


  1. The Martian by Andy Weir

This is one of our favourite science books of all time. The story follows astronaut Mark Watney as he becomes stranded on Mars in the year 2035. It shows his fight for survival, and what life on Mars might just look like in the future.

The movie, released in 2015, does a beautiful job of bringing the big red planet to life, as well as presenting the nail-biting tale of Watney’s survival.


  1. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

The year is 1866 and a mysterious sea monster is on the loose. The United States government assembles an expedition to find and destroy the monster.  Professor Pierre Aronnax, a French marine biologist is on the mission, but he soon finds that the monster is metal.

There begins a journey to explore a whole new world underwater from Atlantis to the South Pole.


  1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One tells the ominous story of a planet in 2044 that’s been gripped by global warming and overpopulation. It’s not a pretty place – which is why people have turned to OASIS, a virtual reality simulator.

The story follows a teenager, on the hunt for an Easter egg in the game that could make him rich.

The film was adapted by Stephen Spielberg in 2018 and while there are some differences to the book, it still raises the issue of global warming and overpopulation – major issues to our world today.


  1. 2001 a Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarkescinema_movies_science films

This famous novel takes us on a journey from 3 million years ago to 2001, starting with our man- ape like human ancestors, who were visited and investigated by aliens from different worlds.

A story which asks the question about what would happen had human evolution been driven by an extra-terrestrial intelligence, creating an experiment to observe how a species would develop given the right “push”.

Ultimately this leads to human exploration of space, and the extra-terrestrial influence to bring humanity full circle.

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