Charles Camarda – after the Columbia disaster

Charles Camarda – after the Columbia disaster

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Lead Scientist of The Royal Institution of Australia, Alan Duffy says, science is on the big screen is inspiring.

“This is where action heroes are seen. This is where people imagine different worlds. That’s why it’s so important that we get to see science where Hollywood blockbusters are shown.”

“We can imagine bigger things. We can learn about our world. We can be inspired to do the extraordinary. And best of all, it’s all real!”

With that in mind, earlier this month, the team from Australia’s Science Channel sat down with NASA astronaut Charlies Camarda. He was on board NASA’s first crewed mission following the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. He spoke about how he felt learning he would be on board the first mission following the disaster, as well as the weight of the responsibility for future astronauts to follow.


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