And the People’s Choice Winner is…

And the People’s Choice Winner is…

As well as facing the jury, SCINEMA films also face the audience! Every year our audiences vote for the film that stood out to them in the People’s Choice Award.

This year the audience and judging panel were in agreement, with the winner of Best Film, The Face of a Stranger also taking out the People’s Choice Award.

The film follows the story of two men: Maurice Desjardins who is missing half his face, and young surgeon Daniel Borsuk, who makes Maurice an extraordinary offer.

The odds of surviving the transplant operation were less than ideal, with a 50% chance of death. But that didn’t deter Maurice who understood the procedure would be long and very risky.

Still, Dr. Daniel Borsuk didn’t doubt that Maurice would survive.

It’s a story of a medical triumph where the odds of success are less than ideal.

The judging panel says the film was “storytelling at its best with layers of brilliant cinematography, amazing human connections; emotionally charged and totally engaging”.

And it seems like audiences around the nation agreed. Some comments from people included:

“Science is awesome and everywhere! Science and science fiction aren’t too dissimilar!”

“The incredibleness of what we have understood to achieve face transplants is amazing!”

And our personal favourite:

“Face transplants can include teeth!” Trust us, we were just as mind blown!

If you missed out on this amazing film – don’t panic! It’s now available online at Australia’s Science Channel.

Geneviève Turcotte (director) and Danny Lemieux (writer) give their thanks for their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity following the risky and emotional medical story of Maurice, a face transplant recipient.