A trip down SCINEMA memory lane

A trip down SCINEMA memory lane

This week, we take a trip down SCINEMA memory lane and follow up on some past winners.

A still from the 2018 winner, The Kingdom – How Fungi Made Our World.

Over the years SCINEMA has seen a wide range of films and film subjects. From farmers to a turtle trauma centre and technology – we’ve seen it all!

This week, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and update you on where some past winners are now!

In 2017, Owsia took out Winner of Best Film. Director Alireza Dehghan shone a light on the central Iranian city of Yazd. For 2,500 years the town has been supplied water by an aqueduct. Now, it rots away due to bureaucracy and corruption.

Since SCINEMA 2017, Owsia has won international awards from Trenton film festival in the US, Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival in Turkey, as well as Kolkata International Environmental Film Festival in India.

Owsia took out the 2017 Best Film award.

This year, the film featured in the #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival in Spain. Later in the year, it will be featured in the sixth edition of Environment Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania.

In the same year, Fix and Release, directed by Scott Dobson and produced by Jono Menethy, told the story of an amazing team at a turtle trauma centre in Ontario, Canada. It was a story about a battle against the odds for freshwater turtle survival in the modern world.

Since winning the award for Best Documentary for SCINEMA 2017, Fix and Release took out the award for Best Canadian Short at the 2017 Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival. It also went on to win the Jury Award for Best Doco Short at the 2018 Durango Film Festival.

A fan favourite from 2017 was the winner of Best Short Film, Einstein-RosenWritten, directed and produced by Olga Osorio, the film featured her two young sons as the lead actors.

In the summer of 1982, Teo claims he’s found a wormhole. His brother Oscar doesn’t believe him… at least for now.

This year, it added a range of awards to its name taking out both Best Short and Best Original Story at Capital Filmmakers Festival 2019. In the same festival, the young stars Oscar and Teo took out the award for Best Promising Actors.

SCINEMA 2018 did not disappoint either.

The Winner of Best Documentary was GrassrootsThe film was a story about farmers, the soils they work and a piece of powerful knowledge that nearly slipped through their fingers. Grassroots follows Guy Webb and his friends, unlikely heroes on a quest to bring a genuine climate change solution to the world.

2018 Best Documentary winner Grassroots.

Since, Grassroots has gone on to feature in film festivals around the world including in the Global Impact Film Festival, Zagreb Tour Film Festival, and the Elements International Environmental Film Festival.

The 2018 winner of Best Film was The Kingdom – How fungi made our world.

Some fungi will save us, others will threaten us, and we are just beginning to understand which is which. The great, untold story of how fungi shaped all life on land.

This year, it was featured in the Australian Directors Guild where it received a high commendation for the Best Direction in a Documentary Short Subject.

So, there you have it, SCINEMA is just a starting block for some of these films before they springboard off into more awards!

We can’t wait to see where our SCINEMA 2019 entries end up!