Do you know any young filmmakers who love science?

Do you know any young filmmakers who love science?

Submissions for SCINEMA 2020 are now open and include a new award category for filmmakers 17 years and younger.

SCINEMA Junior is a new award category for 2020, and we want to hear from young people who are passionate about science and how it shapes the world around us.

Films can be about anything science-related. You could create a video explaining a scientific concept you’ve recently learnt about.

You could tell a story about how science affects your life, or maybe you choose to focus on how science could solve a problem you care about. As long as it’s about some aspect of science we really don’t mind what direction you choose to take.

Previously, we have had some amazing films entered by students, including the winner of the 2017 Special Jury award Test Tube Babies.

This short film was created by two sisters who are the outcome of IVF. Together they explain the amazing science behind reproductive biology, with a heap of wit and charm!

What’s great about filmmaking today is that you don’t need anything fancier than your phone to get started.

Teachers can get their students involved in an after-school club or as part of their classroom activities. Parents can also help kids over the upcoming summer break. All you need is an idea and a camera or your phone!

Need help on how to get started?

Our friends at AFTRS Media Lab have a huge library of media arts resources for primary and secondary teachers, parents and students which cover all aspects of basic short film production, from storyboarding to final editing.

There’s also a bunch of great YouTube videos that will help you make your next SCINEMA film.

So, if you know anyone with a passion for anything science, technology, engineering, mathematics, health, medical or social sciences – get creative and make a film!

Submission deadline 12 Jan 2020. To submit your film and for full terms and conditions visit FilmFreeway.

If you are unable to pay the $10 entry fee, you may be eligible for a fee waiver. Complete the application form to apply.

If you have any further questions, please email